I, Stephen

Hi, I'm Stephen Youts, a programmer, game developer, and occasional blogger. My interests include Lisp, metaprogramming, reverse engineering, graphics, and cocktails. I studied Computer Science and Philosophy at UCLA. I've also done two successful game mods - one won a few industry awards. Prior to co-founding Wraith Entertainment, I did some intern work as a web developer. This is the abridged timeline of my life.

Part 1: A Validation of Interests

2004-2006: I work as a level designer on the Last Man Standing Doom 3 mod. We gain press coverage and industry acclaim. It's pretty popular for a while.

2007: I do a three month stint as an intern for SMU's Guidhall.

2008: I graduate high school and matriculate to UCLA CS.

Part 2: A Date with Undergraduate Education

2008-2013: Engineering school crushes my soul.

2010-2012: I do a pair of web dev internships and tutor a discussion section for a logic class at UCLA.

2010-2013: I develop and launch a game mod with Ashton Shapcott. It's a somewhat popular game world for Neverwinter Nights. We shut the project down in mid-2013; our codebase is now in-use elsewhere.

Part 3: A General Loss of Sanity

2012+: I decide that attempting to be an independent game developer is a brilliant career move. Ashton Shapcott and I begin working on Project Chimera.